Some feedback from recent commission builds. If you are considering having me building you an instrument, references are also available.

"After letting it acclimatise in the case for a while, I tuned it up this afternoon, and I am absolutely blown away!"


"Commissioning an instrument is a leap of faith, but this has exceeded my expectations in every way: quality, sound and aesthetics. The sound is clear and warm in exactly the way I was looking for, and the length of sustain is insane. As for how it looks, it is putting my guitars to shame. I am worried that you have ruined me for factory-made instruments for good!"

“I’ve been getting to know it and I’m falling in love. It’s just the tone I was hoping for and beautifully made…that’ll make me a better player for how nice it is to grapple with.”

“Thank you again for this wonderful instrument and for indulging me with such an easy collaboration on planning the different component parts.”


“Really pleased with the banjo. It feels well balanced and comfortable in the left hand and plays very well without having to get used to it.”


“It’s a beauty. Thanks so much. The whole process has been a pleasurable one.”


“The banjo is just great. Thanks so much. We have had a great weekend…it sounded just great amongst the other instruments. So pleased with it you are a real craftsman Will.”


“Simply stunning to look at, and the warmth of tone is amazing - I love it!”

“Will made my banjo earlier this year it is just the job. What a craftsman. It is just like I wanted.”

“Really happy to take possession of this wonderful banjo. Beautifully made and just the right plunky old time mellow tone Will and I talked about. It was a great experience having a custom banjo made.”

"It plays so much better than any of my other instruments"

"She sounds every every bit as good as she looks!"