Please see below for my services and pricing. If you're looking for something not listed below do get in touch. Prices apply to a typical open back 5 string banjo. I also offer the below for smaller instruments such as tenor banjo, banjolele, banjo mandolin e.t.c. at slightly reduced prices. Do get in touch for details.




Banjo MOT- from £55 (includes new strings)

With a little TLC even modestly priced instruments can sound great. My Banjo MOT includes a thorough inspection, clean, fretboard nourish and string action adjust. This is ideal for brand new banjos in need of a setup, or older instruments which may have developed a buzz or otherwise be in need of some love.

If I feel your instrument would benefit from additional work I will provide you with a no-obligation quote.

Fret levelling/ dress/ polish- £75

Often the cure to mystery buzzes! Existing frets will be re-levelled, crowned and polished. Includes a string action adjust once work has been complete.

Full re-fret and setup- £150 (includes new strings)

All existing frets removed, fretboard cleaned and nourished, new frets inserted. Includes a string action adjust

Restring- £10+ strings

Fretboard nourish and new strings of your choice.

Custom nut

Bone- £25

Graphite (black)- £30

Calfskin/ Goatskin vellum fitting

£55 (includes skin and brass flesh hoop)

+£5 for humidity protection

Replacement hardware

Price on enquiry. I can often source replacement hardware to match many instruments. Custom CNC machined hardware is also in the pipeline so watch this space!

Hardware fitting

I fit hardware purchased from myself for free. I am also happy to fit other parts for up to £30 for full hardware fitting.

Custom bridges

I design and make custom banjo bridges to order using a high-precision CNC router. I can also make replica bridges. Send me your design (e.g. a photo or sketch. I will send you back a rendered image of your piece along with a quote).

Single material (e.g. maple, beech)- from £20

Ebony capped- from £25

Compensated- from £30