If you can't find the information you require here, do get in touch.

How do I order an instrument?


If you an interested in ordering a custom instrument, get in touch via the ‘Contacts and Ordering’ page on the website or email will@badgersmoonbanjos.co.uk. Feel free to give me a call on 07496258410 if you’d like to have a chat about your design specs. I’ll send over a brief order form where we can begin pull together your specification and get the ball rolling on designing and building your lovely instrument!


How much do instruments cost?


My custom open back banjos start at around £1200, with price varying depending on your exact specification. Take a look at the ‘Pricing’ page for more info.


How much of a deposit is required?


Once you are happy with your build spec, a quote will be provided. A non-refundable deposit of £400 is required to secure your order. The remaining balance can be paid in instalments or upon completion of the instrument prior to shipping or collection.


What is the wait time?


My lead time on custom builds is generally around 3-4 months. A more accurate time estimate will be given with your quote.


Can you make just the pot or neck?


I can indeed! Get in touch to talk through options, or with your specific requirements for a quote.


Can you ship worldwide?


I’m very happy to ship instruments worldwide, and can provide you with an estimate of shipping costs before you place your order.