~Open Back Banjo~

Base price:

5 string base model    £1200 with standard chrome or nickel plated hardware

                                      £1400 with brass plated hardware


Tenor base model      £1150

Banjo Ukulele base model £900

Great value for a custom built instrument, with loads of options to customise even before

you consider optional additional extras. Extras list isn't exhaustible- any design ideas you're pondering, do get in touch and I'll see if I can make it happen!

What's included?:

-Wood choice of locally grown ash, American white oak, cherry or maple.

(American black walnut available for +£75, beautifully figured flame/ Curly Maple for +£100- these prices include neck and rim materials)

- 11" or 12" hand turned block rim (10" on ukulele models)

- Choice of synthetic head (Remo Fiberskyn, Renaissance, Frosted e.t.c.)

- 'No Knots' 1902 style tailpiece

- Dual coordinator cod neck attachment (brass, made in-house)

- 2 piece neck construction with centre pinstripe

- Ebony fretboard and matching headstock laminate (I'm happy to source other materials if you have something particular in mind).

- Steel neck support truss

- Choice of fret marker dots (e.g. Abalone, Mother of Pearl, wood)

- Choice of flat headstock shape

- Choice of heel shape (e.g. standard flat type or Dobson style heel.)

- High quality tuning pegs (Leader Banjo Co., Gotoh or similar)

Optional Upgrades:

-Upgrade to 24 hook notched tension hoop (+£50)

-Rolled brass/ brass round rod tone ring (from +£35)

-Wood tone ring (from +£40, may vary with species)

-Traditional Dowel Stick neck attachment with Vega style neck brace(+£75)

-Additional decorative neck laminates, e.g. neck centre stripes, peghead/ fretboard underlay (From £25)

-Rim cap (From £40, dependant on species used)

-Herringbone purfling on rim (£30)

-Inlay work (£15/hr + materials, exact quote given once design has been discussed)

-Frailing scoop (Natural +£0, plain brass £15, hammered brass £20, acid etched/ engraved £25)

-Genuine Calf/ Goat Skin head (+£35)

-Fretless (-£100)

-High quality Hard Shell case (+£100)

-High quality padded 'Gig Bag' style case (+£50)

~Banjo neck~

I can build banjo necks to a pre-existing pot. This is often a great option for older instruments where the neck is beyond repair. A banjo neck built and fitted to you pot ready to play starts from around £800 but varies widely depending on exact specification, hardware and tone woods used e.t.c. Please get in touch with your enquiry for an exact quote quote.

~Banjo pot~

I can build 11" or 12"pots to fit a pre-existing neck. A banjo pot built and assembled with your neck starts from around £500 but varies widely depending on exact specification, hardware and tone woods used e.t.c. Please get in touch with your enquiry for an exact quote quote.

~Tackhead Banjo~

Base price:

Base model £900 (fretted)

Fretless £800

What's Included?:

-11" or 12" block rim
-Calf or Goat skin head
-Traditional style tailpiece
-Choice of Tacks
-Traditional dowel neck attachment (with peg/ wedge neck brace)
-Scale length of your choice
-Choice of Fretboard material and matching headstock laminate
-Carbon Fibre neck support truss
-Steel/ brass fretwire
-Choice of fret marker dots
-High quality Uke-style friction tuning pegs (Leader Banjo Co.)

-Aquila 'Nylgut' strings

Optional Upgrades

-Internal tension mechanism- Thumscrews raise a brass ring under the head to raise tension, useful for altering tone or retaining tension in high humidity (+£100)

Other upgrades/ extras as with Open Back model, where appropriate

~Gourd Banjo~

Base price:

Fretless gourd banjo £495

Flush fret model £545

Fretted model £595

What's Included?

-Large reinforced gourd (typically 10"+, species varies with availability, please enquire for details)

-Calf skin head

-Traditional style tailpiece

-Choice of tacks

-Neck length of your choosing, reinforced with Carbon Fibre Truss

-Choice of fretboard material and matching headstock laminate

-Choice of Uke-style friction or violin tuning pegs

-Aquila 'Nylgut' strings

Optional Upgrades

Other upgrades/ extras as as above, where appropriate

~Gourd Fiddle~

Base Price:

£400 (without bow)

What's included?

-Reinforced gourd (species/ size varies depnding on design and scale length)

-Calf skin head

-Choice of hardwood Neck and Ebony Fingerboard

-Choice of Peghead style (Scroll/ banjo type)

-Ebony violin tuning pegs

Optional upgrades

-Ukulele style friction tuners (banjo type peghead only) +£20

-Fine tuners + £20

Please note; the prices listed above are a guideline. Whilst I try my best to keep the price list up to date, they may change at short notice. For commissions ;once you have finalised your design I will give you a quote. This price is then fixed upon receipt of a non-refundable deposit.