My name is Will Cunnington. I am a luthier and clawhammer banjo teacher living and working in Cornwall, UK. I combine my passion for woodworking with my love of music to produce finely crafted, unique instruments at my workshop in the Old Purser's Office, Redruth, UK.


As a player, teacher and builder I understand the importance of an instrument sounding, looking and feeling stunning. I have learnt a lot from research, experimenting, talking to other luthiers, and playing as many instruments as I can possibly get my hands on! Over the years luthiers, both amateur and professional, have come up with many ways of building instruments; with endless designs, tone wood combinations, hardware and finishes. Every instrument has a truly unique look, feel and voice. This is what really excites me!


I have a love of the natural environment,  local myths and legends, and am intrigued and inspired by the unique Celtic culture and heritage of Cornwall. These themes often find their way into my work. Badgers are an important and iconic feature of UK wildlife, particularly the South West, and throughout history have been the subject of folklore and mythology (did you know that badger hair can protect against witchcraft, whilst a badger crossing your path can bring good luck?). I feel a particular affinity with these incredible creatures. One of my earliest memories is going out badger watching with my grandad; spending many hours crouched under a hedge in the moonlight to be eventually rewarded by the emergence of several from a nearby sett. I chose the name 'Badger's Moon' to reflect the character of my instruments, and a little bit of my own personality.